Emotional Compartmentalization

"Compartmentalizing Emotions" to me would suggest that a person is either angry or glad about something, happy or sad, et cetera and that there is no room for a grey area in the emotional realm or the way in which one deals with those emotions.

"Emotional Compartmentalization" is an emotional coping technique or defense mechanism that most of us use in certain situations to one degree or another at some point in our live.

It involves consciously or subconsciously suppressing or "compartmentalizing" or "sectioning off" upsetting thoughts and emotions in order to justify engaging in certain (sometimes questionable) behaviors like being hot headed and had to do some actions like walking around, going toilet, etc...

This coping technique enables humans to focus one hundred percent of their intellectual and emotional energy on the incredibly difficult (and often emotionally traumatizing) task at hand or to handle the stress people place on your shoulders to get good grades; to keep yourself moving despite the constant disappointments in studies.

Of course, there are times when all of us feel compelled to compartmentalize or store away our emotions in order to carry out difficult tasks. For instance, you may have a longstanding fear of public speaking, but you may also have a job that sometimes requires you to give speeches. In order to carry out that particular part of your job, you have probably discovered a variety of ways to temporarily store away your fears and anxieties when you are called upon to speak in public; or in order to focus on studies when you're having friendship problems; or to chat with other friends livelily despite your sad emotions; to make someone happy at the expense of breaking a promise made to the other and yet appeared with a smile like nothing happened at all.

But, as with most coping mechanisms, it is when people start to rely too heavily on "emotional compartmentalization" that it can become a problem in their lives and in their relationships with their loved ones. After all, there is a very heavy price to be paid for extreme emotional compartmentalization, your ability to love someone and you might end up losing both of the precious things u wished to hold on to the most. i think i have to constantly bear this in mind: i am close to friends who seems to engage in an excessive amount of emotional compartmentalization, i have to stay vigilant, and always be prepared to protect myself and my feelings if necessary. However, your defense mechanism has a great impact on me, influenced me to create similar mode of defense against you but of cos mine is much weaker as i have a soft heart and a mind of a child always hoping for the impossible from people. haha.it is possible but people chose not to let it happen. I think Hope is what brings people together and create the impossibles. Beautiful stuffs like technology and presents are invented when Hopes come in to play. Hope is my core value as without hope i will have no needs from u then there will be no reasons to be with u.

"to you you may think i'm happy but i'll never be okay." Making smiles by compartmentalizing your feelings will never bring forth the truth smiles.

"In order to live with integrity, we must stop fragmenting and compartmentalizing our lives. Telling lies at work and expecting great truths in meditation is nonsensical. Every aspect of our lives is connected to every other aspect of our lives. This truth is the basis for an awakened life."

we are both looking for happiness with our own methods; same philosophy of treating how u wish others would treat u.

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